Monday, 27 July 2015

Premae Skincare

So today girls, I'm introducing you to Premae Skincare, the worlds first allergen-free skincare brand, making 100% natural, vegan friendly products. This brand is specifically aimed at women aged 21-65 who desire luxury skincare and beauty products without aggravating their skin sensitivities. I was lucky enough to receive a few goodies from them and I can honestly say I'm super impressed with the products sent out to me and are now staple pieces in my makeup/skincare routine. 

I was sent out the Harmony Multi-Vit Serum Primer- the perfect anti blemish primer! Let me tell you girls, this serum is INCREDIBLE! It has a delicious citrus scent which is lovely and refreshing for the face BUT more importantly I found that it balanced out my dry/oily fluctuating skin and left my skin looking flawless. Key Ingredient in this serum include: Grapeseed which smooths uneven skin and soothes redness, Lemongrass which fades spots and Mineral Salts which treats bacteria build up such as white heads. If you haven't tried this product before, and you're looking for a product that works instantly, this is it!

I was also sent out the Therapy Luxury Face and Body Scrub which contains finely milled olive granules to gently exfoliate the face and body. The Italian Olive granules offer a gentle yet powerful skin polish, removing dead skin cells, black heads, blemishes and trapped dirt. This scrub is perfect for reducing bacteria build up and eliminating chances of Acne and blemishes. This product is perfect- it's not to harsh on the skin and it gives an instant natural glow to face once washed off.

For the results that you get, the price on these products is incredible and worth investing in. The link to purchase these products are below. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Feeling Grey

It officially feels like winter! it's freezing outside. The only way to survive this weather is to throw on some oversized knitwear and layer it up. I paired this look with two tone denim jeans from Zara, I managed to snap the last size 8 up in the sales.

 I have forever been searching for the perfect winter coat, and I have finally found it at half the price. This grey wool lapel coat is only £40, similar to the one on ASOS for over £100. The quality on this coat is amazing, it's the perfect throw on coat guaranteed to get you through this winter. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Vibes

Well well well, look who's back! This week I opted for wearing my new cut out trench coat, this Closet piece is an absolute staple. It can literally be thrown on top of everything and anything. Mixing it up with white seemed like the perfect combo to really showcase the cut out detail. I'm not a fan of dressing for the cold, but the best way to handle this weather, is layer on top of layer, the more layers the better the look! 

I paired this outfit with the Arabic calligraphy clutch from CollarAffair. This clutch is an absolute stand out beauty. If you're looking for a statement piece, this is it! Whether it's to dress an outfit up or dress it down... this is the perfect clutch to pull out.

My necklace stacking days are back! If you follow me on instagram you'll know about my crazy obsession with necklace stacks on stacks. No outfit is complete with out some silver icing, so voila, my friday vibes.  

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Versace Versace Versace!

Versace Kimono From TheCloset £30 | Denim Jeans From Zara £30 | White Crisp Sleeveless Blouse From TheCloset £22 | Black Strappy Sandals From Zara £30 

This minimalist look was literally thrown together this morning, loving basic looks right now. Plain and simple. Just so easy to wear. Again similar to my 'She on that tropical vibe' look, I went for a basic crisp blouse, thrown on top of denim jeans and paired with strappy high heel sandals to dress it up. The Versace kimono was the perfect assemble to tie the denim and the white together. 

She On That Tropical Vibe

Tropical Kimono From TheCloset £30 | Black High Neck Vintage Dress From TheCloset £24 | Black Leather Look Leggings From TheCloset £12 | Strappy High Heel Sandals From Zara £29.99 | Neon Embellished Clutch From River Island £30

As you all know by now, I live in black, it's just such as easy yet lazy yet sophisticated colour to wear- and it goes perfectly with my black tropical kimono, I am forever rocking long length kimonos this season, perfect throw ons for summer, light and easy to wear. Due to the kimono print being so busy, it's always best to dress it up simple, as less is more.

Sunday Layer's

Monochrome Floral Blouse From TheCloset £26 | Black Treggings From TheCloset £20 | Gold Knitted Jumper From TheCloset £22 | Black Faux Fur Gilet From TheCloset £36 | Black Tailored Blazer From TheCloset £26 | White Pointed Heels From Zara £30 | Necklace Stacks From Newlook £22 | Chanel Boy Bag $

If loving black is a crime, I plead guilty! The colour black just looks so freekin effortless but at the same time so classy and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with monochrome! TheClosets SS14 Palette is by far the best palette we have had in, I basically flung this outfit together this morning for Uni. I'm getting pretty obsessed with layers, layers and more layers. I honestly think outfits look better when their layered up to their ultimate potential! I love the fact I can pretty much dress this blouse up or down and of course teamed up with my famous necklace stacking stacks on stacks and white pointed heels to finish the look off. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I Live In Black

Bambi Leatherette Sleeve Tunic From TheCloset £30 | Denim Jeans From TheCloset £20 | White Pointed Heels From Zara £30 | Necklace Stacks From Newlook £22 

Although I'm definitely a summer girl who absolutely loves popping colour, I am still not over my obsession with BLACK clothes, and so rocking a Bambi Leatherette Sleeve Tunic seemed like my only option. Although living in England where we get 5 days of sun a year and constant rain is never really good for my outfits, but layering has become my best friend, if I'm not layering clothes I'm layering necklaces, stacks on stacks on stacks. 

Mastering simplicity- I went for a simple look, so the Necklace-Stacks made the outfit along with the Chanel bag! Finally my white pointed shoes were a nice change!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Black Is Such A Happy Colour Darling!


Necklace Stacking from Newlook £22.50

Lets starts off with I'VE FINALLY GOT MY BLOGGING BUTT BACK INTO BLOGGING! Long time no blog. I really do need to keep up with this, it's just so easy getting caught up in university assignments, exams, more assignments and then WORK WORK WORK! 

If you've been following me on Instagram lately, you'll realise I have been pretty obsessed with the colour white, grey and black! The colour black is taking over my life- Literally! Black is modest but arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy- but mysterious. But above all black says 'I don't bother you, don't bother me' WORD! 

Maxi cardigans are my thing right now. You will not see me without one on. It just adds that extra bit of class to any look. The grey fur gilet on top was pure genius. It gave it that half-fur, half-knitted cardigan look, something you would see in ZARA/ALL SAINTS but at half the price from TheCloset. The jumper was just thrown on, along with the Necklace stacking, another thing I am super obsessed with, NECKLACES. Stacks on stacks on stacks.